Providing Louisville with superior alternative and holistic medicine since 2012, Meridian opened its doors with only one treatment room and a large unfinished space. Before long, it quickly began to grow into what it is today.
Today, Meridian has nine treatment rooms used for various treatment options such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong. With many acupuncturists available, two massage therapists, and a private yoga instructor, Meridian is able to provide personal and individualized treatment to anyone and any lifestyle.

Mission and Vision

It is the mission of Meridian Acupuncture to provide high quality health care services to improve and promote the health and well-being of our patients and the community we serve.
It is our vision to educate and empower our patients and our community to make healthy lifestyle choices in order to understand how to heal themselves, prevent illness, and to recognize that health is a daily journey.


At Meridian Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, it is our highest honor to offer our community holistic treatments and services. 



Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese tradition using very fine needles to stimulate meridians, or energy pathways, throughout the body. The stimulation of these meridians brings the body into its natural, balanced state. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the theory of harmonious balance. When the body is in perfect harmony, it is not ill. Through detailed diagnostics, the physician is able to address imbalances in the meridian system and correct them. 


With over 200 medicinals, Meridian is one of the largest resources for natural, healing remedies that Louisville has to offer.

We have chosen to offer the highest quality raw Chinese herbs availible today. Many clinics prefer to use pre-prepared herbal formulas which are more convenient for the practitioner; however, the loss in effectiveness is too great to be considered at Meridian. Raw herbs offer much more potency, and more importantly, formulas can be tailored specifically to individual needs, thus making them the obvious choice.


Cupping is a technique used to relax and stimulate muscles and regulate the healthy flow of energy throughout the meridians. Cups are suctioned to the body in various locations, mostly on the back, and are either left in place for a few minutes or are gently moved down the course of the meridian. This stimulates and activates the meridian, as well as penetrates the muscle layer to relieve tension. The sensation is often compared to that of a massage.


Chinese records dating back 3,000 years have documented its use for therapeutic purposes. The ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of massage for many ailments. Philosophers like Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction for joint and circulatory problems. Today, the benefits of massage are varied and far-reaching. As an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has also proven beneficial for many chronic conditions, including low back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunity suppression, depression, and more.








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Meridian Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine strives not only to make its community healthier, but also to make the planet healthier. One of our main goals is to operate our clinic as Eco-consciously as possible.

Our beautiful floors are made from recycled vinyl while our walls are insulated using recycled blue jeans and cotton. High efficiency bulbs light our walls, and our herbs and tea leaves are composted after cooking. Herbal formulas are individually prepared on a table made of reclaimed oak from a barn in Lexington, Kentucky.

Meridian has chosen to be as paperless as possible in an effort to prevent using the hundreds of pounds of paper required to keep physical copies of patient records. New patient forms are available for download on our website and may be submitted electronically. iPads are used to maintain and update patient charts, run transactions and email receipts.

When paper is necessary, such as for business cards and educational materials, we choose paper made from post-consumer waste and printed with soy-based ink. Our natural cleaning products, paper towels, and other office products have been chosen for their organic and environmentally friendly properties.

We believe respecting nature is essential to running a good business and delivering premium healthcare. Harmony with the environment is a time-honored tradition at the very core of this natural medicine. The ancient adage “Be good to your body and it will be good to you” extends to the world around us: Be good to the Earth and it will be good to you.