At Meridian, we put a lot of emphasis on creating treatment plans that are uniquely designed to fit your individuality. Our formulas reflect this principle and are hand-written each week for your specific needs.


Raw herbs are taken in the form of a tea, or an herbal decoction, which can either be cooked at home or prepared at the clinic. Depending on the herbs in the formula, cooking instructions will vary. In order to make it easier for you, we offer cooking and canning services.


Each herb is prepared as needed and the formula is cooked using a high-quality porcelain herb cooker. The herbs are sealed in six glass jars to be taken once a day for six days. Herbs prepared in this manner are much more effective than other pre-prepared forms.

             Cooking and Canning Service: $5.00 + costs of herbs

            Cooking and Canning Service: $5.00 + costs of herbs


Herbal therapy is an extremely important facet of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In most cases, herbs will be prescribed in conjunction with acupuncture to be taken the week following treatment. Please note that herbal consultations are also available to those not receiving acupuncture at this time.

Why Should I Take Herbs?


Adding herbal medicine to your daily routine will help increase the effectiveness of the treatment as well as extend its effect. In many cases, acupuncture will be addressing one aspect of your health while the herbal decoction will be addressing another, therefore allowing for a fuller spectrum of benefits.

For some conditions, herbal medicine may be a more effective treatment or adjunctive treatment. This is usually true of conditions which require nourishment of vital substances, such as Qi, Blood, Yin, or Yang, which herbs, being substantial themselves, are particularly good at treating.