Session Pricing

One Session - $80
Five Sessions - $387.50 ($77.50 per session)
Ten Sessions - $750 ($75 per session)

What Can Yoga Do For Me?

Yoga benefits will vary from person to person but most often will yield these results:

Increase endurance and flexibility
Encourage more deep and effective breathing
Improve joint and muscle health
Aid in recovery from emotional and/or physical trauma
Relieve stress
Achieve and maintain healthy weight
Promote overall mental and physical wellness
and much more....

Laurie Lecompte

A Registered Yoga Teacher who has specialized training in Ashtanga Vinyasa, pre- and post-natal yoga, restorative yoga, yoga for seniors, and yoga as therapy. Laurie brings sustainable health and fitness to her clients through highly personalized sessions. Whether you're healing from injury, trying to gain strength and flexibility, or seeking a way to relieve stress, Laurie can safely and effectively meet your fitness needs.