Locally made bone broth with Chinese herbs now available here

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We love that bone broth is having its day right now. It’s one food trend we really believe in. That’s why we have contracted with a local chef to create our own unique recipe for our clients here at Meridian Acupuncture. 

The fact is that bone broth has been an important part of the cuisine of many cultures for centuries. At the foundation of many traditional soup recipes is a broth simmered with the bones of beef, chicken, lamb or fish along with vegetables and herbs. Think of the Vietnamese pho, the French bouillabaisse, the Japanese ramen. The examples go on. 

There is a universal wisdom behind the diverse expressions of this ancient technique. Powerful nutrients and health benefits can be extracted from the long-simmering of animal bones. No doubt the technique evolved from a simple need to waste nothing of an animal, what the farm-to-table movement today calls nose-to-tail cooking. 

 Over time, cooks from across the globe came to understand that this concentrated liquid – aside from helping stretch the family food budget - holds the power to heal the body. Your grandmother has told you to eat your chicken soup. 

Modern science backs her up. There are countless scientific studies confirming the benefits. 

Traditional Chinese cuisine has long gone a step further with bone broth by using it as a vehicle for medicinal herbs. Strategically adding in herbs enhances the efficacy of both the broth and the herbs. 


Our custom made broth is made with locally raised beef bones and a blend of angelica, licorice and astragulus – a traditional blend of herbs known for building the quality of the blood. 

From a Chinese medicine perspective, consuming bone broth is ultimately about nourishing the blood. It contains the building blocks for all of the things that build the blood, which in turn the body uses to heal as needed.

For our clients with joint issues who may already be taking supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, for example, we recommend bone broth as a way to get those nutrients in a more direct way. Other properties like collagen and gelatin help build the body’s tissues.  

Because of menstruation, women (especially of child-bearing age) will benefit from increasing their blood. The healthier their blood, the more beneficial for a pregnancy, since from the blood stream is where babies get their nutrients. 

There is a saying in Chinese: blood is the mother of Qi, and Qi is the master of blood. Enhancing the quality of the blood enhances energy in the body. Our clients say they notice a difference in their energy after only a week or so consuming our bone broth on a daily basis. We recommend clients have a little every day. 

Note: Our custom-made bone broth blended with Chinese herbs is available for $13.50 a quart. Check with the front desk staff for more information.